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十年难得一见!Super Bloom回归南加 浪漫花海再现

| March 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

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十年难得一见的 Super Bloom 景象竟然相隔两年又再出现啦!

在南加州每大约十年就会出现一次「Super Bloom(超级绽放)」现象,而整个山头都会在一夜之间遍地开花。不过这个现象只会维持一段时间、几个星期、甚至可能在一夜之间消失。

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现时在 Anza Borrego Desert State Park 与 Lake Elsinore 也出现 Super Bloom,而在 Lake Elsinore 的 Walker Canyon 的加州罂粟花更达到盛开的高峰期!想看的朋友可以到 Walker Canyon Trail 步行 3.5 英哩,便会看见开满橙色花的浪漫花海。

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不过要注意,附近的交通也因为 Super Bloom 而达到阻塞高峰期,要看的话可能要付出多一点耐性!






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Mountain of dreams ✨

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M O O D ✌︎ after all this California rain, seeing the sun is putting a huge smile on my face! The superbloom is in full swing and the poppies are gorgeous ! ☼ Spent the weekend exploring Lake Elsinore at 6:00am to get some amazing shots (minus the 1000 people). Along the way me and my bestie @elisemarieee met some really cool photographers 📸 @jimmyfu_tography_commercial and @johnlmoya ! Had so much fun shooting there was three outfit changes and a lot of hiking 😂 ! Feeling so inspired and ready to create some amazing content! ☼ Would love to know if anyone else is planning to visit the poppy fields?? Comment below ↓ Just a little disclaimer when this was shot we were very mindful of respecting the poppies and keeping them preserved 🌱

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nowhere to go but everywhere 🌞 #tyfrenchpresets

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