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Assistant Accountant

• Responsible for AP, AR & G/L. Hands on MS Excel & Word, 10-key by touch • Accounting major or 2 years experience in Accounting […]




Sales Operations Responsibilities: To perform below job functions and to communicate with Taiwan headquarters to process instructions. Assist in preparation of quotes, sales orders and […]




Lake Forest, CA Responsibilities: Lead a 2~3 person team to perform below job functions and to communicate with Taiwan headquarters to process instructions. Bookkeeping, including […]

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工作内容: 1.根据公司要求,在公司自有网站,自媒体,第三方,公众号等平台发布公司最新信息 2.配合市场部,根据市场及代理商反馈,制定并执行市场宣传方案 3.根据公司要求,撰写丶编辑产品宣传内容 职位要求: 1.英文听说读写流利,中文母语水平 2.熟练操作各种SNS账号运营,微信公众号 3.熟练操作Office系列软件 4.会PS或其他平面,立体,影视编辑软件者优先 只要您有能力,我们就给您广阔的舞台和报酬。




全新裝修家電,獨立洗手間,獨立出入,全包水電網洗衣, 離110,El Camino College,大華10分鐘車程。 有意電:310-619-6831 微信:efg123456789



征仓库人员 Warehouse Worker Needed

快速发展位于工业市的制造商诚聘仓库人员 需能提50磅以上重物 一年以上仓库经验 装载,卸载,包装,贴标签,出货 需会讲普通话或广东话 公司提供全額健康保險,帶薪病假和假期 Fast growing manufacturing company located in City of Industry is looking for a warehouse worker to join our team. […]

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招聘职位:电商客服 工作内容: 1、使用公司销售网站,统计,跟踪公司销售订单 2、协调仓库及物流,确保公司订单流程通常 3、回复客户在网络上提出的关于货品及订单的问题 4、完成公司要求的其他工作内容 职位要求: 1、英文听说读写流利,中文母语水平 2、熟练操作Office系列软件 3、有其他专业能力者优先考虑 Job Type: Full-time

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E-Commerce Model 平面模特

工作内容 1、以拍照等形式为公司产品做网络、报刊等传媒宣传; 2、主要配合公司做好产品的平面拍摄; 3、要求配合摄影师展示公司产品个风格需求; 4、能深入理解产品,能根据不同产品摆pose以及根据拍摄主题化妆; 要求 1、无须经验; 2、形象好、气质佳、会展示; 3、体态匀称,镜头感觉好,时尚大方; 4、按小时付薪水; 5、应聘者请附全身照。



Room for Rent

There is one room available and all the utilities are included (gas/electric/high speed internet/Air Conditioner) The lowest rent is based on the long term contract […]

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Company Description: Established in 2008, The company is engaged in aviation fuel procurement, supply of jet fuel to airline companies, fuel management and trading, and […]

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