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一年一度的POW! WOW! 艺术节又来囉!(7/21-28)

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国际性街头艺术节 POW! WOW! 再度来到长堤! POW! WOW! 艺术节 7月21日星期日到7月28日星期日连续七天将在长堤举行,展示世界各地艺术家的壁画艺术和文化。

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2019 Long Beach Pow Wow Opening Ceremony

延伸阅读去年报导 >> 国际性街头涂鸦POW!WOW!来临Long Beach 华裔创办人为大家讲述背后概念

POW! WOW! 是汇集当代艺术家的艺术盛会,透过艺术创作的过程,促进社区与民众的交流。在为期一周期间,长堤街头将出现令人热血澎湃的壁画、艺术展览、讲座等。

今年,已经有70多面艺术墙置占积近40平方英里。公共艺术活动的艺术家将包括访问艺术家 Caratoes,Crash,Fortoul Brothers,Tran Nguyen,Max Sansing,Kayla Mahaffey,Debe,Dina Saadi,Luise Ono,Spenser Little和Hilda Palafox。当地艺术家包括 Cynthia Lujan,Tida Whitney,Steve Martinez,Woes Martin,Nevermade,Jason Keam,Bodeck Hernandez,Criselle Mendiola,Allison Bamcat,ABCNT,Balloonski 和 Nat Iosbaker。

本周将举办各种活动,包括位于 MADE 的Pop-Up Shop由Millworks,户外电影放映,艺术家Talks / Q&A’s,由Thinkspace策划的展览,The Art of
Bloom at Edison Theatre,以及KCRW x POW!WOW!长滩夏夜闭幕晚会。这将是第一次 POW! WOW! 与SoCal最喜欢的KCRW Summer Night活动合作。由KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez 和 Mathieu Schreyer 为长滩带来音乐。顾客可以享受当地餐馆的食物,Beachwood BBQ的啤酒,Hops&Vine的葡萄酒,Homeland的舞者文化中心,Tooth&Nail的现场艺术等等。

今年最新的 POW! WOW! School of Photography 由导演和著名摄影师Ja Tecson领导。学生们将从 POW WOW 周开始展示他们的作品,在LBC港口的第四个星期五复古行。 POW! WOW! 音乐学院也将与学生有一星期的表演活动。关于 POW WOW School of Music 和试镜可以请访问 www.pwsom.com

“这活动在艺术与文化方面有高度的影响力,是建立一个城市与地区高度认同感的有力工具。我们通过各种方式庆祝长滩的经济增长与整个城市的发展,对 Pow Wow 的不断支持,证明了长滩市了解文化的重要性以及增强文化展望和城市价值,“Intertrend总裁兼战俘顾问Julia Huang说道。

POW WOW 周活动讯息


• POW! WOW! Pop-Up Opening at MADE by Millworks

POW! WOW! pop-up shop and art exhibit by alum Joon the Goon at MADE by Millworks will celebrate its grand opening. Exclusive POW! WOW! Long Beach merchandise will be for purchase the entire week.

Located at MADE by Millworks, 240 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802


• POW! WOW! Long Beach Kick Off and “Movement” curated by Thinkspace

POW! WOW! Long Beach will kick off the week at BEVEL along side Thinkspace Gallery. New and old works by POW! WOW! artists and PWLB family will be on display throughout the week. To view, enter through Pharmacy Skate Shop. Viewing hours will be from noon-5pm each day.

Located at Bevel (Through Pharmacy Skate Shop), 327 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

MONDAY, JULY 22, 9:30 AM:

• POW! WOW! Long Beach Press Preview Presented by Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau

Join us in launching the Fifth Annual POW! WOW! Long Beach. This week-long live art exhibition features globally renowned artists creating large format art pieces using Long Beach buildings as their canvas. Throughout the week, the public will be able to view the creative process as these giant murals come to life.

Located at the Varden Hotel (parking lot), 335 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802.


• The Business of Doing Art hosted by the HiLo

A discussion about the business of art from industry insiders and artists, moderated by Long Beach Post’s, Brian Addison. The event’s guest speaker will be Jay Howell, original character for Bob’s Burger and creator of Sanjay & Craig.

Located at Bevel (Through Pharmacy Skate Shop), 327 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802


• Art, Design, and Creative Spaces Hosted By Poketo

An all ages panel discussion with Poketo co-founder Ted Vadakan and creative space makers Brendon Monroe and Jasper Wong.

Located at Studio One Eleven. 245 E 3rd St, Long Beach, CA 90802.


• POW! WOW! School of Photography Photo Show

An all ages event at Port LBC during 4th Fridays on Retro Row.

Located at Port LBC, 402 St Louis Ave, Long Beach, CA 90814


• KCRW Summer Nights: POW! WOW! Long Beach Closing Party

An all ages event in partnership with KCRW, Downtown Long Beach Alliances, Long Beach Transit, and Long Beach Public Works. This outdoors dance party will feature KCRW DJs Anthony Valadez and Mathieu Schreyer. Patrons can enjoy food from local eateries, beer from Beachwood BBQ, wine from Hops & Vine, and much more.

Located at The Promenade 235 Promenade North, Long Beach, CA 90802


• Swim Skool: POW! WOW! Long Beach Edition A 21+ pool party held at the Renaissance Hotel.

Enjoy music by the Swim Skool resident DJs, refreshments, and a great view of Long Beach from the 3 floor pool.

Located at The Renaissance Hotel, 111 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

有关长堤 POW! WOW! 艺术节资料请洽 info@powwowhawaii.com 或上网官方网站 www.powwowlongbeach.com






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