Sunday Bistro 新地港式中西餐

| June 15, 2010

位於在阿罕布拉市的新地港式西餐是一個體育球迷的必須知道的聖地。因為只要是有任何比賽不論是Regular Season, World Series, NBA Finals, ALL-Star Games, Super Bowl, Paris Open, even 現在的World Cup..餐廳裡的每一台電視有在轉播。 可是除了視覺的百分百以外,這裡的餐飲也是非常的美味喔! 新地除了有一般港式西餐以外還有一些非常特別的餐點,像德國脆皮咸豬手,蟲草花炒鱷魚肉,燒汁什菌炒肥牛,還有各式石頭飯、煲仔飯、煲仔菜。每一道菜廚師都很大方的給料,不會一道主菜看到來像頭抬一樣少,加上價位方面也非常公道所以看球賽到這裡吃看喝是非常劃得來 。

If you are any type of sports fan, you’ll love how Sunday Bistro is setup for you! No matter if its regular season, World Series, The Finals..GO LAKERS!!!… All-Stars Games, Super Bowl~..Paris Open and the hottest thing now..the World Cup..Inside the restaurant and the outside patio sitting around, there is non-stop broadcast sports actions on the large screens. But whats a great hangout without great food?..that you don’t need to worry, they serve great food too! They not only serve the standard Hong Kong Style Cafe’s food, but they also have some of the fine cuisine like German Pig Feet, Croc Meat, Kobe Beef, and Clay Pot Rice and other delicacies. For the Big eaters out there, you’ll be extremely happy, because the portions are BIG.. and prices are very reasonable!!… So coming here for lunch, dinner, late night snack (open until 1am)  is not a shabby experience.

肉眼扒伴雙煎蛋  Rib Eye Steak with Fried Eggs

T 骨牛排   T-Bone Steak!

越式豬排加春卷  Vietnamese Style Pork Chop with Egg Rolls

火腿蛋三明治  Ham & Egg Sandwich

香辣茄汁煎龍利   Sole Filet with Spicy Tomato Sauce

紐西蘭羊小排與雞翼   Rack Lamb Chop with Chicken Wings

焗白汁蘑菇海鮮飯  Baked Seafood with Rice and Mushroom Cream Sauce

星洲炒米粉   Singapore Style Fried Rice Noodle

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