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From Los Angeles, CA-LAX

o    To Albuquerque, NM starting at $104 one-way

o    To Atlanta, GA starting at $159 one-way

o    To Austin, TX starting at $137 one-way

o    To Baltimore/Washington, MD starting at $181 one-way

o    To Chicago (Midway), IL starting at $164 one-way

o    To Dallas (Love Field), TX starting at $143 one-way

o    To Denver, CO starting at $103 one-way

o    To El Paso, TX starting at $143 one-way

o    To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $103 one-way

o    To Kansas City, MO starting at $152 one-way

o    To Las Vegas, NV starting at $73 one-way

o    To Milwaukee, WI starting at $158 one-way

o    To Nashville, TN starting at $209 one-way

o    To New Orleans, LA starting at $189 one-way

o    To Oakland, CA starting at $73 one-way

o    To Phoenix, AZ starting at $73 one-way

o    To Reno/Tahoe, NV starting at $105 one-way

o    To Sacramento, CA starting at $62 one-way

o    To Salt Lake City, UT starting at $97 one-way

o    To San Antonio, TX starting at $154 one-way

o    To San Francisco, CA starting at $73 one-way

o    To San Jose, CA starting at $73 one-way

o    To St. Louis, MO starting at $164 one-way

o    To Tucson, AZ starting at $94 one-way

From San Francisco, CA-SFO

o   To Atlanta, GA starting at $159 one-way

o   To Dallas (Love Field), TX starting at $114 one-way

o   To Denver, CO starting at $139 one-way

o   To Las Vegas, NV starting at $73 one-way

o   To Los Angeles, CA starting at $73 one-way

o   To Milwaukee, WI starting at $139 one-way

o   To Orange County/Santa Ana, CA starting at $73 one-way

o   To Phoenix, AZ starting at $134 one-way

o   To San Diego, CA starting at $73 one-way

o   To St. Louis, MO starting at $156 one-way

From San Diego, CA-SAN

o   To Albuquerque, NM starting at $142 one-way

o   To Atlanta, GA starting at $184 one-way

o   To Austin, TX starting at $173 one-way

o   To Baltimore/Washington, MD starting at $190 one-way

o   To Chicago (Midway), IL starting at $188 one-way

o   To Dallas (Love Field), TX starting at $135 one-way

o   To Denver, CO starting at $109 one-way

o   To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $164 one-way

o   To Kansas City, MO starting at $188 one-way

o   To Las Vegas, NV starting at $69 one-way

o   To Nashville, TN starting at $206 one-way

o   To New Orleans, LA starting at $191 one-way

o   To Oakland, CA starting at $73 one-way

o   To Phoenix, AZ starting at $101 one-way

o   To Portland, OR starting at $105 one-way

o   To Reno/Tahoe, NV starting at $93 one-way

o   To Sacramento, CA starting at $81 one-way

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