MAC 2014礦物眼影新色-Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads

| January 2, 2014


MAC 這次為2014年春日彩妝推出的礦物眼影彩盤的選色都好美喔!它家旗下的礦物眼影採用了77種礦物不傷皮膚,其獨特順滑感更讓人愛不釋手,而且每一款顏色都非常出色,無論是單用或是打造漸變妝容都沒問題!這次的一組4色眼影彩盤分別有6款選擇,適合任何膚色的親民色系~



Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads $44USD

  • A Party of Pastels Four coordinated colours from pastel pink to soft violet
  • A Medley of Mauves Four coordinated colours from deep eggplant to icy pearl pink
  • A Glimmer of Gold Four coordinated colours from soft gold to copper bronze
  • A Harvest of Greens Four coordinated colours from green olive to blackened burgundy
  • A Sprinkle of Blues Four coordinated colours from intense navy to deep blue
  • A Waft of Grey Four coordinated colours from dark charcoal to white frost

推薦使用 MAC 推出的 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending 與及 287 Duo Fibre Eye Shadow Brushes 來使用這款礦物眼影!


有報導稱全線已經可以在 MAC 官網購入囉!可是小編都沒有找到,有最新消息將會向大家公佈!


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