The Castaway 品嚐月光下的美味

| May 25, 2012

洛杉磯  美食推薦  牛排 Steak

The Castaway

1250 E Harvard Rd., Burbank, CA 91501-1096

悠長夏夜,戀愛中的你們會去哪約會呢?哪才有最浪漫的氛圍、最美味的佳肴呢?在Burbank 山坡有一家兼有浪漫氛圍和美味佳肴。其中不僅有海鮮盛宴、星級西餐,還有無敵夜景的絕佳景色。務求讓你們在這個炎熱的夏季,可以在最舒服、最浪漫的環境享受愛情的美好和甜蜜。大概每個女孩子對美食都無法抗拒,即使戀愛中的女孩也一樣。約會時的愛心晚餐更是增加情侶間甜蜜的有效招數。The Castaway 不但裝修富麗堂皇,而且有露天花園。在富有情調的燈光下晚餐,或是在花園裏沐浴月光晚餐都是浪漫約會的 好去處。這裡更是一個準備世紀浪漫婚禮的好地點喔!

On a hot long summer night, where would the best place for a lovely romantic date? On the hills on Burbank, there is a CASTAWAY place that has it all, a romantic setting with great food, atmosphere, and a stunning Night view of the beautiful city of Los Angeles. The Castaway has a wonderful patio setting with fire pits for couples to enjoy a little wine, while taking in the breathtaking city view that is spectacular in the night. Its not just the view is great, they serves the best pre-meal bread, each basket of bread has 4 types of different fresh off oven bread, the steak and seafood is spectacularly prepared. The best isn’t just over yet, the DESSERT is actually the main attraction! After the meal, the staff will bring up a table full of fresh unique dessert for you to pick from to finish your night with as much sweetness as possible.

Cast2心賞美麗 LA 的西落  Beautiful LA Sunset


Patio 旁的火爐,晚上可以在旁享受美酒與美景

USDA Prime New York Steak with Chef’s special grill Mushroom


新鮮的 Halibut / Freshly prepared Halibut with tangy sauce


他們的 Filet Mignon 更是頂瓜瓜喔!
Don’t have to mention much more about their Filet Mignon 🙂


The Castaway’s Sunday brunch has full Omelet Station


餐後的甜點更是 Castaway 的特色,每日有專業的甜點師傅特別準備的點心,讓每位客人都能嘗到甜甜蜜蜜的夜晚。
Yes, and the wonder Dessert for everyone to go home with something Sweet for the night!

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