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Tobold's Blog: A Look At LotRO Housing
I'm pretty happy with this first go at housing in LOTRO. Agreed on the flexibility issues - let's hope there will be some improvements along the way. In general Turbine's done a really good job at filling each of there frequent patches with a ton of improvements. They are listening and chucking it out as they go.
As for Ethic's post, be advised it was made on the day of the patch. His assumptions on how new neighborhoods open up (everything else needs to sell first) are unconfirmed by Turbine and probably incorrect. blogging is good for your Having to wait a few hours before new neighborhoods open up as Turbine applies their rules to it isn't such a big deal I'd say. To avoid another misunderstanding: Ethic assumed what looks like farmland and a village center may become future crafting hubs. This is pure conjecture as far as I'm aware at this stage. He's free to think it's a bad idea, but that's not to say Turbine actually is thinking of it. Reading Tobold's post quickly gave the impression it's actually a feature, hence a clarification.
The "housing" patch also brought major upgrades to the Minstrel and Loremaster class, tons of fixes/improvements/add-ons, three new land expansions (small to moderate size, but stil, nice), an extension of the epic quest line with book 11 and let's not forget a whole new 12-man raid instance in which tons of guilds on my server (Snowbourne) have been having a great time in so far. Again it looks like Turbine hit it right... raiding in LOTRO is a more casual experience, rather than the marginal head against the wall banging in WoW. Tastes obviously differ, but after hardcore raiding in WoW burned me down, this is a very pleasant alternative.

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