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Term Paper on Child Abuse Youth Issues Topic Ideas

A Picture: The Unhappy Wife.

A writer to write an essay on this topic will discuss a picture, which reveals a very unhappy couple. By showing the content of the picture, we can learn how the pictures details can identify the way that this is proven. By showing the behaviors, and scenic ideals of the picture this can be proven.

Addressing the Novel "Are You There God It's Me, Margaret."

Judy Blume's classic novel, Are You there God? It's Me, Margaret is considered one of the best and most enduring pieces of modern young adult fiction for its exploration of topics and situations that occur in the lives of almost every adolescent. This paper explores the novel in terms of how Blume's presentation of the character of Margaret allows Blume to address issues experienced by adolescents, especially younger girls

Adolescent Depression And Suicide.

The paper is an effort in defining a link between adolescent depression and suicide. In this I have tried to articulate a link between developmental theory, research and practice about risk that applies to the subject depression and suicide in teenagers.

America's Poorest Children.

This paper is on the nation's poorest children and families. It discusses the way that society treats them and what families can do to solve many of their economic problems.

An Analysis of "Transferring an S Corp. to Your Kids".

This three-page undergraduate paper is in the form of an analysis of the article, "Transferring an S Corp to Your Kids." The author reviews the article in terms of content, clarity, and effectiveness.

An Annotated Bibliography on Child Abuse

"Most abused and neglected children never come to the attention of government authorities” (Hopper 2003). Many children that are sexually abused never face their abusers in court. The abuse whether it is physical, emotional, verbal, or neglect is never reported. The need to continue to study child abuse is important in stopping the pattern of child abuse. Recognizing child abuse whether you are a professional, teacher, counselor, grandparents or a child is important in stopping at least one child abuser. This article is an annotated bibliography that gives information to help each of these.

An Exploration of the Child Soldier: Theory, Policy, and Practice in Preventing Exploitation of Children in Combat

This paper according to the experts from dissertation help service explores the prevalence of child, soldiering in the current global environment. The child soldier is an individual younger than 18 who is involved in conflict, usually as a member of an organized army. The paper takes the position that, despite efforts to reduce the number of child soldiers, current policy is not sufficient to accomplish these goals.
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