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Entertainment Transcription for a Work at Home Career

Transcriptionists who have a love of television and movies may want to consider a job as an entertainment transcriptionist.Almost everything that you see from reality shows to movies will usually require a typed script. People who transcribe this type of digital audio are entertainment transcriptionists. This particular field is different from the other areas of transcription such as legal transcription or law enforcement transcription in that it is specific to the entertainment industry. Keep reading, I will write my paper in detail.
Transcriptionists may find themselves working from home in a rush to transcribe a news event being broadcast live or working on a movie script to get it back to a busy producer. Entertainment transcription is probably one of the more interesting types of transcription because you never know what famous words you may be asked to put in transcript form.

Entertainment Transcription Skills

Most companies hire transcriptionists who have experience transcribing digital audio files along with video files. In addition, individuals who have worked in the areas of entertainment, broadcasting, and video production would also be given consideration. These backgrounds are important because a lot of entertainment transcription companies typically offer other services such as write papers for money, closed captioning, subtitling and other aspects for video production. Transcriptionists may be asked to assist with commercial scripts, putting time codes on interviews, or listing credits and cues.
Transcriptionists need to also produce transcripts that are accurate and error free. Individuals should be above average in the areas of grammar and punctuation. Transcribers must also have excellent typing skills and be able to meet deadlines. People who work as transcribers do not have to be certified but may want to look into a national certification for further advancement. This consists of meeting criteria related to transcription experience, grammar and passing the organization's exam. There are also online classes and some local colleges have transcriptionist courses.

Transcription Equipment to Work at Home

The perfect home office will be in a quiet area where the transcriber can concentrate on the task without interruptions. Transcriptionists will need to have a computer with a high-speed internet connection and software such as Microsoft Windows. In addition, most transcription companies require the transcriber to download and upload digital files to a FTP site. This makes it easier for the work to be processed.
According to the custom paper writing service research, one important piece of transcription equipment is a USB foot pedal. The USB foot pedal allows the digital audio to be played, paused, fast-forwarded, or played back. Another thing the transcriptionist will need is transcription software that allows the files to be organized and transcribed. The last piece of equipment needed is a high quality pair of headphones preferably with noise cancellation.

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