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Triple Distilled Whiskey is a blog about everything Whiskey
Triple Distilled Whiskey is a blog about everything Whiskey. We talk about the different types of whiskey available as well as the heritage of whiskey, how whiskey is made and more.

Before Triple Distilled, there were few places where you could buy casks of whiskey in Ireland. The vast majority were cask clubs, where a new distillery generates much-needed revenue by selling casks to fans. The casks are usually priced between the €5k and €9k mark. These are not really investments – it is unlikely that you will make a mint on a €6k cask when you decide to bottle or sell, as the purchase price was high. Cask clubs are more like a distillery fan club.

Enter Triple Distilled, who offered to connect distilleries to cask buyers at prices lower than cask clubs – their first offering was casks from West Cork Distillers. It seemed like a good proposition to all concerned – West Cork Distillers believed that the casks were going to be offered at a reasonable mark-up from their asking price of about a grand a cask. Except Triple Distilled are not offering value, they are offering casks sold in pallets of six for €17k.

Whiskey Blogs were also the source for Triple Distilled Whiskey, which also offered casks direct to consumers but more in a cask-club style. Those casks were priced at €7,650, with claims that a distillery was being built. Bill told one Irish journalist that he has stills on order, but when I asked about this, seeking to know where he was ordering them from, he declined to answer. I also asked where his distillery was being built. Again, silence.

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