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Massage Therapy and Watsu
Massage therapy can be as simple as gentle stroking or rubbing, or as complex as a precise manipulation and kneading. But, regardless of whether you call it massage or not it is a method of touching and manipulating the body in ways that help promote healing of various systems and organs. The goal of massage therapy is to bring the body back into harmony and improve its function.

Watsu is a form of massage therapy. Watsu is an Japanese term roughly translates to "Oriental bodywork" but is more often referred to by the name massage. Watsu is an Japanese word that translates to 'ido', or 'quality life. It is generally characterized by one-to-one massage sessions where the practitioner or therapist handles, cradles, or stretches a recipient in warm, deep water using fingers, hands elbows, feet, and elbows. The recipient must remain fully clothed during a massage. The practitioner or therapist can touch only the skin's surface.

Massage therapy is widely utilized to ease chronic pain, like from an injury from sports, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the most frequent conditions treated through watsu sessions is chronic pain. Massage chairs have now incorporated several different methods to manage chronic pain. There is at least one method of treating chronic pain that all massage chairs use in the present. Because it extends the spine while relieving the pressure on the spine the spinal decompression procedure is a well-known treatment for back problems. Other types of massage therapies used to treat back pain include shiatsu, acupressure, Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, and Thai massage.

Shiatsu is another method to use watsu for pain relief. Shiatsu utilizes circular pressure to apply pressure to specific points on the hands and feet with gentle circular movements. Pressure is applied so that the bodywork is heated before the movements begin. Shiatsu movements are similar to Swedish massage, but are usually slower. 청주출장 Shiatsu is another form of massage that uses hot stones to apply pressure to specific areas.

Another use of watsu is decreased relaxation of muscles. When muscles are injured or overworked they can become tense. A skilled massage therapist can relax muscles by applying gentle pressure to them. A skilled therapist can find specific techniques to relax muscles to reduce the pain experienced by a patient. These techniques include knee flexion and hip flexion.

Watsu also includes different stretching techniques. These stretching exercises can relieve tension and increase mobility. The most common stretching exercises include stretching the hamstrings, stretching the quadriceps, twisting the hips, pulling the sacrum into the abdominal cavity, and rotating the arms and shoulders. While these stretches relieve tension in the muscles they also improve circulation, which can help to reduce pain and recovery time from injury.

To get a complete treatment in watsu, one must be guided by a highly skilled and trained practitioner. Although most watsu therapists offer instruction in private practice, some offer massages in spas. In some cases, a therapist may provide this service in a business or fitness center. Before a patient undergoes this extensive therapy, they should receive instruction on how to provide the massage and also information on the different techniques employed in the treatment. If they already suffer from a medical condition or injury medical condition, a professional should never suggest they seek additional therapy without first consulting with their doctor.

Due to the physical compression involved in the traditional watsu method, there is a decrease in blood flow to the area that has been injured. The discomfort and anemia can result from the diminished blood flow and muscle contractions. This is why an experienced therapist is essential for patients receiving treatment. The therapist will position the body of the patient so that the force is applied to the muscles that are contracting. If force is not applied directly to the muscles the contractions will be accelerated which will result in reduced blood flow. A qualified therapist will know when the condition is present and immediately stop the massage.

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