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5 Brunch Board Ideas You May Love
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As you dip the strawberries coat the chocolate in the nuts before putting onto the lined tray. We’ve used peanuts and milk chocolate, try chopped pistachios and darkish chocolate or flaked almonds and white chocolate. Drizzle strawberries with white chocolate.Push the melted white chocolate to one nook of the bag, then snip a small nook off the bag. Squeezing the bag gently and rapidly drizzle the white chocolate over the strawberries, utilizing big, sweeping motions over the entire baking sheet. If you need to pre-make chocolate coated strawberries to arrange on the dessert table beside a Sephra chocolate fountain, you don’t have to make use of the chocolate fountain to soften Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate coated strawberries. Dip 3 strawberries into the melted white chocolate and place on the baking sheet.

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