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The Unique Recipe For The Traditional Nigerian Dish, Bola Yala
The author of the Bola Yala book, Uffal Yameen Ismail, explains the origin of this delicious recipe through mythology and childhood memories of his own. The story revolves around a princess who was sold into slavery by her own father for her beauty, but who was saved by an Indian elephant she had befriended. She was taken to the city of Uffal where a royal chef prepared meals for royalty. Eventually the king decided that he needed a cook like Bola Yala so he sent him as a household maid to continue cooking for the royal family.
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In her book Uffal Yameen Ismail states that Bola cooked for the queen for more than thirty years before she died. When the queen-to-be finally died and the throne passed on to her son, Ismail believes that Bola was present when she learned of her son's ascension. She then prepared a recipe for the traditional Nigerian dish, Bola Yala. According to Ismail the recipe became known to many, including Ismail's wife, when Ismail's grandmother began preparing Bola on special occasions. The book ends with a brief account of Bola's death, which is mentioned as occurring while she was serving as a cook in the house of the last king of Yoruba kingdom, Kamba.
What makes this recipe unique is the fact that it uses an ingredient that is not only indigenous to Nigeria, but is also unusual. According to traditional legend, Bola cooked the meat in an iron cauldron. The recipe for Bola Yala can be found online. Many websites are now selling this recipe. It can be prepared for dinner parties and even for a light snack.

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