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A Complete Guide to Write a Review Article: 2021
A review article is a constructive and critical literature analysis in a specific field through classification, summary, comparison, and analysis. Review article relies on previously published data or essay writer. In the review article, you assess and summarize another person's article and involves a logical evaluation of supporting arguments, the central theme of the article, and future research implications.
Review article presents more than just simple opinion. You can use theories, ideas and research from essay writing service. Your critique should base on your own thoughtful reasoning. If you have been working on some topic for a while, then writing a review article can give you a chance to share what you have learned. This will be very useful for other researchers as it will introduce them to existing literature on a specific topic. Here are some effective tips that helps you to write review article.
It is very important to understand the arguments and main points of articles for accuracy. You should know that readers of the review article already have knowledge and information about the topic so first of all, you need to summarize the article's main ideas, findings, positions, and arguments. You should also critique the field's effectiveness and participation in the matter.  Write down all the important points and your thesis statement should be a succinct summation of your own opinion on the article
Check the Journal's Scope and Aim
Remember! Not all journals accept review articles so it is important to check this before you start writing. Make sure that you have read properly the scope and aim of the journal you are submitting to. Define your review article scope and the research question you will answer. Make sure that your review article contributes to something new that has not been investigated. 
When you are finding sources to evaluate then make sure that you use multiple search databases/ engines so that you don’t miss any important source. Spend maximum time in writing an effective abstract, keywords and title. This will help to maximize your article visibility. Keep in mind that your abstract and title should be concise, clear, informative and accurate.
Introduce the topic
Start with a topic overview and explain why this review is important. Don’t make the introduction too long. Usually, the introduction of a review article comprises 10-15% of your review article. Divide your review into different sections of suitable length to allow main points to be identified more easily. 
The conclusion of your review article should not be more than 10% of your review article. In this section, you briefly restate the article's main point and your judgment on how well written the article is. You can also give direction and future suggestions for further research on a topic "write my essay".  You have checked the effective tips and if you are still confused that whether you have all the required skills for writing a review, follow one more suggestion that guarantees 100% success. Check free essay writer templates online that will help you to know how well written review articles looks like.   

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