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Minecraft Hackers Publish Tons Of Of Private Login Details Online

Microsoft was in the news over Christmas when its Xbox One service was infiltrated by hackers, and now its experiencing the same issue.

According to reports according to reports, according to reports, a German website published the list of 1,800 Microsoft Minecraft usernames and passwords online.

A security expert warns that criminals could gain access to these information and possibly hack into accounts, change settings, or buy virtual items.

The hack was revealed by Heise Online, and many of the verified accounts (selection shown) are believed to belong to German gamers. It is not known how the hackers got their hands on the credentials, however security analyst Graham Cluely wrote : 'Possibilities include malware, phishing attacks or even a security breach'

The hack was first reported by Heise Online, and many of the verified accounts are believed to belong to German gamers.

It's not clear how the hackers gained access on the credentials, but security analyst Graham Cluely wrote on the Hot for Security blog: The possibilities range from simple phishing attacksto keylogging malware stealing players' details when they log into the game, or an attack on Minecraft itself.

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'Let's hope it's not the last one - because the game has over 100 million registered players.'

MailOnline was informed by an Microsoft spokesperson that they could confirm that there was no Mojang.net services were compromised.

"Normal industrial procedures" were created to deal with situations such as this. They were used to reset passwords for a tiny number of affected accounts.

Minecraft was first created in 2009.

A character is placed into an "virtually infinite" game world at the start of the game.

To build towns and cities players are provided with blocks and tools.

The game was initially made for the PC but there are now Xbox 360 and mobile versions available.'

Based on the large number of registered users, the hack is relatively small.

However, Mr Cluely pointed out that unauthorised users could make use of the exposed passwords or email addresses to login to other people's gameworlds and also download the full game, which is typically sold for EUR19.95 Euros ($26.95 or PS17.95).

A cybercriminal can also access an individual's email address in order to hack other accounts or send malware, or even send spam.

Cluely also stated that there's no guarantee that the hacker behind this list doesn't have additional cash.

In September, Microsoft purchased Mojang for $2.5 billion (PS1.5 Billion).

The game is accessible on PCs and Androids, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Phone. minecraft server list It also can be played on consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

However there is a Microsoft spokesperson told MailOnline that no Mojang.net service was compromised. Although the number of released details is a small percentage of the game's 100,000-plus user base, Mr Cluely stated that there's no guarantee the hacker who published this list doesn't have more 'in their back pockets'

At the beginning of the game, a player is placed in a 'virtually infinite game world.' The player can then explore various terrains, such as mountains, forests and caves.

More than 16,645,000 players have bought the game, so far, and it is an online phenomenon.

YouTube channels are available that show people how to play the game. In some instances owners are able to quit their jobs to promote.

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