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enhancing interactions with customers and creating trust
The introduction of a guest loyalty program is one tried-and-true method to increase client trust.Loyalty programs have become a crucial strategic component for major hotel chains in recent years, like Hilton (Hilton Honours) and Mariott (Bon Voy), and one of the greatest methods to compete with OTAs.The significance of a loyalty program should not be understated, even at the level of a smaller and/or independent hotel. Great Hotels of the World maintain this & enhancing interactions with customers and creating trust.
Hotels can create a sizeable amount of recurring income by communicating frequently and providing Cheap hotel discount at key moments. Focusing on the latter can help hotels save a lot of money in the long run because recruiting a new client can be up to ten times more expensive than encouraging existing customers to come back.
Additionally, research demonstrates that repeat consumers increase income because they often spend up to three times as much each transaction as first-time visitors.
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