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WRUP: Come On, Man, It's The '90s
Every week, just at the start of the weekend, we catch up with the WoW Insider staff and ask them, "What are you enjoying this week?" -- otherwise referred to as: WRUP. Be part of us to see what we're as much as in and out of game, and catch us within the comments to tell us what you're taking part in, too!
Going to BlizzCon? No? Why not? It's the '90s! Everybody's going to conventions today! Raunge
Positive, it is in Southern California, and for many of you, that is a great distance from home. But man, that is the '90s. They have planes now. And a few of those planes even have air telephones. You can hook up your 14.4k modem to a kind of and connect to your favorite Warcraft 2 BBS, perhaps play a little bit Legend of the Crimson Dragon from 20,000 feet. Why not? It is the '90s!
What's that? You say it isn't the '90s -- it is 2011? Nicely, of course it is! I know precisely what right this moment is. See this Casio digital watch on my wrist? It has the day, week, month, and year on it. Everyone's received one -- everyone, that's, who's living in the '90s.
BlizzCon, the most well liked occasion of the '90s, is developing in a mere two weeks. So at the moment, along with the standard question of "What are you taking part in?" (Tremendous Nintendo and Scattergories, obvi), I had our prime-notch writers (a lot of whom have Tripod pages) answer a bonus query: "What terrific recommendation do you've gotten for the go-go BlizzCon attending folks of the '90s?"
Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) This weekend might be spent ending my entry for the global Writing Contest -- in different words, writing like a madwoman.
As for BlizzCon -- be certain you will have loads of water along, the convention hall is larger than it looks! Show up for panels early, test the events schedule and work out what you wish to hit in advance. Also -- comfy shoes. Seriously, you will be in your feet pretty much all day lengthy. Comfy shoes are the most effective!
Allison Robert (@AllisonRobert) I will be going to a different wedding this weekend however will in any other case be on the PTR getting notes for an upcoming Shifting on tanking and healing the three new 5-mans.
As for BlizzCon, I have but to go, but if I had to guess from past experiences with academic conferences and the like, have only one bit of recommendation: Don't wear heels.
Alex Ziebart (@AlexZiebart) (gplus.to/alexziebart) Been enjoying some Useless Island and hopefully will get a hefty amount of co-op time in with a buddy of mine. Good coop games are far more rare than they should be.
For BlizzCon, take extra shirts than you think you may need. When you get super-sweaty, stop into your lodge room and change shirts. It is higher than being smelly and uncomfortable all day.
Chase Hasbrouck First WRUP /yay. Persevering with my feral soloing in mission in WoW (when Kuwaiti latency permits), else enjoying SpaceChem on Steam. All the enjoyable of programming without the code!
BlizzCon: by no means been, however experience has taught me always to follow the three W's when traveling: water, weight, and walking (comfortably).
Daniel Desmond (@hazmacewillraid) I'll be doing somewhat little bit of PTR spelunking, trying out the new dungeons and paladin changes, but mostly I'll be scratching a few extra tallies into my wall with a plastic spoon, counting the times until Skyrim releases.
As for BlizzCon, this will likely be my first! As such, I'll be sticking to my guildmates like black leather-based seats on a sizzling summer day.
Daniel Whitcomb (@DanielWhitcomb) Since my mage and warrior are on hold till the 4.Three goes reside, I might see if I can solo me some extra tier 5 for my warlock. I'm additionally playing some Aquaria and Bastion (once more) on Steam, so I could do some more with those games.
My recommendation? Hygiene. Particularly, double-, triple-, and quadruple-verify your travel bag. In case you miss something like a toothbrush or a shaving kit, chances are high you are going to should pay an arm and a leg to exchange it.
Daybreak Moore (@dawnwow) Not taking part in something this weekend, however I will be watching a number of StarCraft 2 and League of Legends at IPL3.
Advice for BlizzCon? Hmm ... Ready in the badge decide-up line isn't vital if you don't have to be the first one into opening ceremonies. Just pick up your badge while everyone is in line for the ceremonies and you'll be in and out in 5 minutes.
Elizabeth Wachowski (@leeatwaterlives) I'm nonetheless on my honeymoon in NYC, however after i get back I'll probably begin AC: Brotherhood, since my AC2 disc is scratched and I do not suppose I can finish.
Fox Van Allen (@foxvanallen) (gplus.to/foxvanallen) I've been in Philly for a stable part of the week, and I will be staying in Philly throughout the weekend hanging with my friend Chester. All kinds of enjoyable will probably be had. Like right this moment, I ate Dutch meals. We're a terribly boring people, we Dutch.
My BlizzCon advice: If you wish to grasp out with Fox, I recommend you get your request in forward of time, as a result of there are a lot of you, only a few nights in lovely Southern California, and just one Fox. Additional, I counsel anyone who is just not from an space with Jack in the Box eating places to go eat at a Jack within the Box restaurant. Oh my god.
Joe Perez (@Lodurzj) Extra LoL, I've a new champion to learn! Additionally more alt leveling in WoW and actually trying ahead to another choose my journey day Sunday; I'll in all probability begin earlier (three p.m.) this week and go until 5. I'll also be livestreaming the journey, so make certain to look at Twitter for the hyperlink and time!
Greatest BlizzCon blunder: not sporting comfy and supportive sneakers. Critically, you stand and walk a lot that you are a idiot if you do not. Also, the amount of ache your ft can be in shall be shocking. Also, drink / deliver numerous water and attempt to eat outdoors of the convention middle. Heaps of fine local places to nom issues at that are a fast walk from the convention heart.
Josh Myers (@Elamqt) I'm liking my military of premade and major-transferred shaman on the PTR. I also have a lone mage premade who was set up with spec/glyphs/keybinds/etc. after which promptly forgotten.
I haven't any BlizzCon advice, although I caution all Wow Insider meetup attendees to avoid eye contact with Fox. That's just common sense, although.
(Excellent point. This is how I choose my prey. -- Fox)
Kelly Aarons (@Cadistra) Hoping for some high quality time with my DS, however I'm unsure, as I will be working at my job, doing art, and it's Thanksgiving up here in Canada-land, so there's that. I will be heading out of city Sunday evening to see my family.
BlizzCon recommendation? Take the health-check:
Carry a lot of water with you.
Wear comfy sneakers (with insoles if crucial). Remember to stretch your decrease back every hour or so!
Carry some protein-rich snacks with you -- pure food bars, dry-roasted nuts (like almonds and cashews). Con meals is overpriced and filled with crap, and this can keep you fuller longer. /health nerd
Mat McCurley (@gomatgo) (gplus.to/gomatgo) I am a broken document. League of Legends and WoW.
Suggestions for BlizzCon: convey a bottle of water if you possibly can, take issues slow, put on comfy sneakers, and buy Mat McCurley drinks at the WoW Insider Reader Meetup.
Matt Low (@matticus) In a change of tempo, enjoying on my Nintendo DS. Replaying some Closing Fantasy VI! My faaaaaavourite Ultimate Fantasy series -- ever!
Matt Rossi (@matthewrossi) (gplus.to/MatthewWRossi) My hand is completely screwed up now, so bad I do not think I can play a lot of anything. (I'm typing this one-finger, hunt-and-peck style).
As for BlizzCon, I've by no means been.
Matt Walsh (@Rhidach) Some Sword of the Stars with some buddies, for (probable) final sport earlier than the sequel comes out. We'll send the outdated woman off in style. I'll even be getting some severe Minecraft time in since my guild's server was down last week. Must make up for lost time!
It will solely be my second BlizzCon, but the most important factor I picked up final 12 months is to be really early to anything you wish to go to -- panels or no matter. Apart from badge pickup on Thursday evening. It is open for hours and badges aren't limited in the identical method seats or house is. No want to indicate up early for that line; go later that night and coast right through to pickup.
Michael Grey (@writegray) I will be capturing weddings via most of the marriage, which is at once thrilling and terrifying. I am not the pro of the group, so I besides to spend numerous time going "Hurrr ..."
The weekend is the right time to kick back, chill out and get pleasure from some recreation time. Are you an achievement junkie? Cannot get sufficient raiding? Rolling a brand new alt? Contemplating taking the leap into roleplaying? What About No matter your favorite approach to play World of Warcraft, tell us in the feedback what you're taking part in this weekend!

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