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Preschooling Homeschool Curriculum and Methods

Homeschooling your Preschooler

More and more parents are choosing to opt out of sending their child off to preschool and are deciding to homeschool for the preschool years instead.Many parents these days are choosing to forgo formal preschool and keep their youngsters at home. Whether this decision is made as part of a long-term homeschooling plan or just a temporary avoidance of formal education, it leaves parents wondering what to do with their child. That's what I will write my essay about.
The options are endless: purchase a formal preschool curriculum, learn through play, outside groups and activities, informal parent-chosen curriculum, etc. All one has to do is type "homeschool preschool" into any search engine to see that the options available for parents who have chosen this route truly are limitless.

Formal Curriculum

Some parents, especially those who are planning to send their child to school in the future, may choose to purchase a formal homeschool curriculum. These packaged curricula typically consist of lesson plans, teacher's guides and learning materials required by the chosen program. One such program available to parents who choose this method is Calvert School, which includes everything from online and offline academic resources to assessment guides and expert guidance. Complete curriculum programs such as this can cost anywhere from $100-$600 per academic year.

Informal Curriculum

Many budget-minded parents choose to create their own informal preschool curriculum by pulling from an eclectic array of resources. Many websites, such as ABC Home Preschool, offer reasonably priced (or free) lessons and activities that require little to no advanced preparation. This method seems to appeal to the parent who doesn't want the one-size-fits-all feel of a pre-packaged curriculum yet still feels they need to buy essay papers on what types of activities and lessons to provide for their child.

Playful Learning

Children, especially young children, question, observe and absorb everything around them. Austrian psychotherapist Alfred Adler once said, "Play is a child's work and this is not a trivial pursuit." Adler's opinion is still widely accepted by many in the education and psychology fields today. Studies abound claiming that children learn best through play and that pushing academics, especially during the early stages of development, can cause more detriment than good.
Parents who choose this method of preschooling see the value in imaginative play and also see the learning opportunities that arise through child's play. Playing restaurant can be a lesson in nutrition and counting money. Pretend tea parties are fantastic opportunities to learn and use manners and social skills. Playing with paint is a great way to learn primary and secondary colors, or colors in general!

Activity-Based Learning

Parents who choose this method of preschooling are exposing their child to learning through various activities, most of which may occur outside of the home. Many local libraries and book stores, for instance, offer preschool storytimes. Some local homeschool support groups offer activities and field trips specific to young learners. Whether with a group or on your own with your little one, field trips and hands-on activities can be a useful way for a preschooler to learn new things and be exposed to new ideas.

Preschoolers At Home

A growing number of parents are choosing to keep their young ones at home in lieu of mainstream preschool programs. No matter if the decision is meant to be temporary or is part of a decision to homeschool in the future, resources and information available to parents regarding this growing alternative decision are countless. Parents wishing to learn more should check their local library's homeschool and/or education section as well as utilize the multitude of resources available to them online.

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