Acardia U.S. Art and Design 小朋友iPad pro繪畫書培訓課 招生啦 !

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每位學生都是作家! <<課堂結束時學生的故事和插畫將會影印成一本書!>>
通過編織故事的過程, 提升孩子們對於故事的創意發想、文字表現、語言表達能力,和規劃能力。
加強構圖時所需要的觀察力,插畫時了解光影,空間,色彩技法. 並了解ipad 軟件的運用及出板成書。自己編織自己的故事,同時引導他們透過圖畫與文字表現自我,完成一本屬於自己的故事書。

Be an author and painter! <<At the end of the course, student’s work will be printed and bind into a book!>>

Ditch the pencil and paper, and let us introduced you to the basics of digital illustration on the iPad.
Students will create their own storybook with short stories and drawings.

Through the process of visual storytelling and writing, kids will learn to organize their concepts and ideas while exploring the various digital techniques on the iPad. This course encourages student to engage in creative thinking and help strengthens the fundamental techniques in drawing.

開課地點: U.S. Arts and Design
>>>38 E. Live Oak Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006<<<
>>> (626) 269-2669 🖍️🖍️<<<

開課時間: 9/3 – 2/4 Sunday 11am – 1pm


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